Ben krist ᛫ Custom tattoos

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After almost a decade tattooing at the legendary Rick’s Tattoos in Arlington, I’ve moved into new space at Marlowe Ink. As much as I loved the fast-paced nature of the street shop, my current location allows me more time with my clients and offers them a comfortable, personalized experience. I’m open to consultations and appointments. Don’t hesitate to reach out – I love to make someone’s idea a reality, and treat every line I tattoo as the most important I’ve ever done. DM, email me, or connect with Marlow Ink to get something on the books!

About Ben

I’m an artist from Woodbridge, VA who has been tattooing in the DC metro area since 2008. I love to do freehand designs directly onto my client, as it feels more organic and created only for that particular space on that particular person. I’m also a lover of traditional tattoos, along with black and grey flowers, small designs, and stipple tattoos. Honestly, there is a place in my heart for most styles. I like to think of myself as an able, well-rounded artist who has the experience to bring to life whatever you imagine.

When I’m not tattooing, I’m spending time with my family – my son, my lady, and my dog. I have an avid love of motorcycles, fitness, the great outdoors, and tacos.

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